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A life in harmony with nature and in a climate-friendly world, on a healthy planet. We want to reduce the consequences of man-made climate change to a minimum, so that all people today – and our children and grandchildren in the future – can live on it with joy.

Climate Justice. Sustainability. Act Now. Together with our customers and partners, we pursue limiting warming to 1.5°C.

At GO.BLUE.NOW. we believe climate protection must be simple and fun.

Climate protection must be simple


Our climate experts advise and support companies in developing and implementing an individual climate strategy and a feasible action plan. Our goal is to anchor effective climate protection permanently in your company.

In doing so, you benefit from our experienced experts who, with know-how, motivation and great enthusiasm, implement a large number of diverse climate protection projects together with strong partners.



Five convincing reasons

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to protect the climate.



We accompany you throughout the entire process: from the determination of organizational and product-related CO2 balances, to the development and integration of a pragmatic strategy for CO2 reduction in your core business, to offsetting the residual amounts with internationally recognised certificates. Do the right thing and talk about it − here, too, we support you with innovative marketing and communication tools.

CO2 Bilanz, CO2 Footprint, CO2 Reduktion, CO2 Kompensation, Klimastrategie, Nachhaltigeitsberatung Unternehmen
co2 Bilanzen Rechner, co2 emissionen berechnen, co2 Footprint, Klimarechner, carbonfootprint, corporate carbon footprint, co2 fußabdruck

The Corporate Carbon Footprint is the CO2 balance of your company. We calculate it according to international standards such as the Greenhouse Gas Protocol. To do this, we first define the system boundaries: which areas in the company do we consider (organisational, operational), and to what extent do we include indirect emissions, for example from purchased services?

In the next step, we support you in recording your consumption data with the help of our recording tool. Then we take care of researching the relevant emission factors and calculate your emissions. As a result, you will receive a detailed evaluation and documentation of your CO2 footprint with clear graphical representations and comprehensible explanations.

The CO2 Footprint of a product (Product Carbon Footprint) looks at the greenhouse gas emissions along the entire value chain: from the extraction of raw materials, the transport of raw materials and intermediate products, through production and distribution, to use and recycling/disposal. Here, too, our team accompanies you step by step and thus keeps your internal effort as low as possible.

Even with this first phase, which can often be implemented quickly, you achieve the following advantages:

  • You know exactly where in your company how many emissions occur and can initiate appropriate reduction measures.
  • You can offset unavoidable emissions and thus become climate neutral.
  • You create transparency vis-à-vis business partners and customers and thus strengthen a trusting cooperation.
GHG Protocol, SBTi, Science Based Targets, Klimastrategie, Klimamanagement, Nachhaltigkeitsberatung, Unternehmensberatung Nachhaltigkeit

The introduction of CO2 reduction measures is an essential part of your climate protection strategy. We show you savings and substitution options individually tailored to your company and, if you wish, develop a reduction plan with clearly formulated quantitative targets, milestones and concrete implementation steps. Strategy and reduction planning include your company’s own activities and, depending on your company and ambition, also your supply chain. The CO2 Footprintc prepared beforehand serves as the basis for recommending suitable measures.

We are also happy to support you in the implementation. Our Go.Blue.Now. experts have extensive experience, climate and methodological knowledge. For sector-specific detailed topics, such as green electricity, energy efficiency or climate neutral buildings, we consult further experts from cooperation partners if required. It is best to implement your CO2 reduction measures step by step and to keep at it continuously.

An updated CO2 footprint, for example in the following business year, will show you the success of your measures.

CO2 Kompensation, CO2 Ausgleich, CO2 Fußabdruck neutralisieren, Klimamanagement

It also makes sense to offset your emissions via recognised climate protection projects in parallel to the implementation of the defined reduction measures. Go.Blue.Now. thus enables companies to contribute to climate protection with immediate effect and even beyond their value chain. At the same time, you commit yourself in the long term to other sustainability goals such as the protection of endangered ecosystems and the preservation of biodiversity, the fight against poverty and hunger or the improvement of health and education.

Go.Blue.Now. offers high-quality climate protection certificates for this purpose, which are generated via a broad portfolio of certified projects (e.g. Gold Standard or Verified Carbon Standard). The projects are often in developing countries of the global South, such as Tanzania or Rwanda, but also in China or India, and cover various technologies (e.g. wind farms, efficient cooking stoves, biomass or forest reforestation). In the future, innovative technology projects (e.g. photovoltaics) will round off our portfolio, which we can design and implement individually for your company.

Klimamanagement, Nachhaltigkeit Unternehmen, Nachhaltigkeitsmanagement, Klimaziele Kommunikation

As a company, do the right thing for the climate and talk about it − clearly, transparently and credibly, with all relevant stakeholder groups such as customers, employees and applicants. In doing so, you enhance your brand as sustainable and responsible. We support you with our marketing experience and professional tools such as

  • Information texts, text modules, images, FAQs or even scientific facts prepared for your target groups for your effective communication on the internet and intranet
  • Support in the conception of individual materials such as marketing packages, logos, brochures or flyers
  • Professional tools such as tech-flashes and virtual platforms for positioning yourself as a “net-zero” pioneer
  • Award of the climate seal of our cooperation partner European Technology Chamber (eutech.org)


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